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  • Artwork by Susan Constance, Jean McClung, John Morris, and Patrick Schmidt

    Pittsburgh… It all starts with that single stroke: an object; a piece of paper; a sweep of the brush; the inexorable appeal of a singular image. Everything at Once features the work of Susan Constanse, Jean McClung, John Morris and Patrick Schmidt.

    Susan Constanse – curator


      In Everything at Once, artists Susan Constanse, Jean McClung, John Morris and Patrick Schmidt will be exhibiting their recent works. Common threads are found in the use of found objects and images, and a sense of experiment with their respective medias.  The presentations vary from static pieces to installed works. The artists share an approach to their practice, where the works are developed in thematically related groups.

      There is no concrete completion, but an evolution within each practice that reflects the artists’ individual journeys.

      The works manifest an internal dialog, an interplay between the artist, their environment and their compulsion to create. Whatever the application of medias, the works present complex layers. Inspirations vary from found figurative images and objects to non-objective assemblage.


      There’s a two-fold definition of murmuration; a low continuous and indistinct sound and a specific flock construction found in Starlings. In a starling murmuration, the flock forms and distorts as a response to pressure from the environment. A flock member watches, not the movement of the bird closest to them, but the movement of the individual three places away. The shapes in these paintings are organized the same way, through a process of action and reaction.


      Jean McClung will be exhibiting two and three dimensional light pieces from her new series “Lost Bohemias”. This series examines decayed, neglected, abandoned, or destroyed places that were once a playground for the avant-garde.


      By working with the forgotten and found, I try to test boundaries between art/non art; beauty/ugliness; original-readymade; loved-unloved; precious object and worthless trash. The act of making helps me value and seek possibility in almost everything. Hopefully the viewer shares some sense of playful discovery.


      As a painter, I value the primacy of color in my work. Because color suggests an inner energy, enhances ties to identity, and strengthens cultural bonds, the combined effect of line and color results in a portrait of the world around us where everything is happening at once.




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