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A Retrospective of ModernFormations

After 15 wonderful years, ModernFormations is moving on and closing its doors for good. The gallery is taking a final bow by paying homage to the community of artists that have supported, nurtured and loved it over the years. This fitting final exhibit will showcase many of the talented local artists who have made ModernFormations a success. Join us as we pay tribute, celebrate the art, and say farewell to the gallery in this last showing.


The opening reception was amazing. Thanks goes out to all artists, musicians, poets, authors, actors, comedians, activists, and patrons. This place couldn’t have existed without you. You were, and still are, my inspiration. There are a few more events scheduled until November 21st, a closing party will be happening from 7 to 10pm, and a garage sale will be happening at the gallery from 10:30am to 4pm on the 22nd.  Everything must go! Tools, furniture, building supplies, and much much more!

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Images from the Rust Belt