Gallery Layout


The gallery has a PA system for vocals and any instruments that don’t have an amp (keyboards, electric acoustic guitars, etc), as well as monitors on the stage. The room is small enough that amps do not need to be mic’d…there are 3 vocal mics (2 of them are boom, 1 straight). It is unnecessary to mic the drums. There are 3 direct inputs, two floor monitors on the stage and two room speakers. The performance space has great acoustics already. The stage is approximately 14′ x 14′.


Front Gallery:

(Left wall) 16′ long
(Right wall) 16′ long
2 smaller walls = 4′ each, they flank the hallway leading to the larger back gallery


Back Gallery:

(Left wall) 22′ long
(Right wall) 17′ long
Plus extra smaller wall: 5′ long