“Artwork of Thad Dachille: Circus Animals Not Included” 

The theme of the show is based on finding inspiration from the following: materials gathered from the street, signs, icons, symbols, the human body, and glimpses of the artists environment. These artifacts are reassembled into imagery comprised of paintings and graphics generated on both mixed media canvases and wall prints. With this process, there is a combination that takes place, a matching of seemingly different parts, with the desire of making new-found associations.

The works are eclectic, some are very obvious illustrations with cartoon imagery, and other examples are completely abstract as they have been cross-cut through various interests.


Exhibit runs to the 24th


Gallery hours: 1-4pm Sat, 7-9pm Thurs, or by appt.

Gallery closed the last Saturday and first Thursday of every month to prepare for the next exhibit


December 23, 2009