FAKE: New Psyence by Gabe Felice

FAKE is a collection of paintings, drawings, & objects concerning the following: Generic Toys, Psychic Powers, Trapdoors, 8-bit video games, Lightning Bolts, Military Tanks, “Neckism”, Submarines, Magnetism, Invisibility, Self – Hypnosis & Positive Thinking






“Within the past six years, I have deliberately aligned my art-making process with the extra senses of perception. Always having a fascination for science, I treat my work as if I were a scientist. My studio is a clubhouse looking laboratory in which experiments are conducted and discoveries are created. The result of multiple experiments has evolved into an interactive installation I call “The Magical Psychic T – Shirt”. It is an interactive performance which allows patrons to participate in a very intriguing way. Following a two year live-in residency at The Brewhouse in 2011, I moved to painting outdoors through the seasons – letting the elements interact with my process.”

Exhibit runs to August 15th


Gallery hours: 1-4pm Sat, 7-9pm Thurs, or by appt.

Gallery closed the last Saturday and first Thursday of every month to prepare for the next exhibit


December 23, 2009